How do I scan to email?


  • If you are having difficulties receiving the file, we suggest you limit your scan size to about 5 pages to reduce the size of the file.
  • Scanning is free, but you need a card with a balance of at least $0.12

Step by Step:

  • Present card
  • Press “Use Device Functions” on the screen
  • Press “Scanner
  • Switch off Simplified Display if on (Otherwise you will not see Manual Entry)
  • Press “Manual Entry
  • Enter email address using the on screen keyboard and press “OK” 
  • Set other options desired (see next pages for options)
  • Load first page onto the scan bed or the document into the document feeder
  • Press “Start” to scan the page on the scan bed (or all pages in document feeder)
  • If using the scan bed, continue placing pages on the scan bed and press “Start” after each page has been placed
  • After scanning last page, press #


Note: check to see you have received the email(s) and all the pages have scanned correctly before returning the book or item you are trying to scan to email

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